Annual Competitions

Young Farmers Stock Judging Competition

Young Farmers from Cumbria, Lancashire and Yorkshire meet to compete in WCAS annual YFC Stock Judging event.

This traditional competition has three different sections; dairy cattle, beef cattle and prime lamb, with four animals in each, and finally each competitor completes a veterinary quiz. Competitors must judge the animal within each section, looking at their characteristics and confirmation.

They then place the animals in order of preference and explain to the judge the reasons for their choice.

Competitors are awarded points based on how close their placings compare to the judge’s order of choice.

For more information on how to get involved, please contact us.

Young Farmers Stock Judging Results 2018

Annual Hedging Competition

Each Year in February, the Society, along with Lancashire and Westmorland Hedge Laying Association hold an annual Hedging Competition at Lane Farm, as part of the Hedging Grand Prix. The Grand Prix is made up of hedging competitions across the North West and include Junior and Novice classes as well as Open and Championship classes. For more information, please contact Lancashire and Westmorland Hedge Laying Association.

Hedging Competition Report & Results 2017

Hedging Results 2018

Hedging Results 2019

Annual Silage Competition

The Westmorland County Agricultural Society’s Silage competition is held annually in February each year.

The event is split into six sections – dairy clamp, beef clamp, maize, big bale, hay & whole crop – and competition is  keen amongst all those who enter.

The competition, is judged in two sections, one for analytical/nutrient content and the other on visual assessment. Following the analysis, shortlisted farms are visited by the judges with the results being announced at a presentation dinner in the evening.

Silage Competition Entry Form 2019

Silage Competition Rules 2019

Silage Report & Results 2019