Farm to Fork Roadshow

As part of the Rural Links initiative, WCAS take their Farm to Fork Roadshow out and about across the county and beyond. The aim of the Roadshow is to inspire and educate the general public about farming and where their food comes from. From Farm to Fork, the journey of eggs, milk and meat is explained by our volunteers, with the help of ‘Clover’ the wooden dairy cow, and our jig-animals, Ditto the Lamb, Clarissa the beef cow and Percy the Pig. These jig-animals are always a huge hit with parents and children, and are fantastic in helping the public reconnect with where their food comes from and how it is produced.

Our Farm to Fork Roadshow wouldn’t be the same without farm animals of course and we regularly bring day old chicks for children to hold, sheep, lambs, dairy cows and their calves for the public to meet.

Having had the Farm to Fork Roadshow go into two Barclays Bank branches locally, and also to an inner city school in Manchester, where their playing fields were turned into a farm for the day, it is an extremely diverse and adaptable Roadshow, which proves extremely popular wherever it goes.