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2018 MasterChef Finalist to appear at Country Fest

Country Fest is delighted to announce that 2018 MasterChef finalist, Moonira Hinglotwala will be appearing in the Food Theatre at Country Fest on Saturday 2 June at 1.45pm.

Moonira is the eldest of five siblings and was taught to cook traditional Gujarati dishes from her mum that were passed down from her grandma. At 13, Moonira’s mother went abroad for nine months and she began to cook the family meals every day.

When Moonira was a teenager she began to bring home other recipes from British and European cuisines to introduce her family to different foods, but would still cook them with Indian spices. Now she cooks traditional Indian food adapted for fine dining, keeping true to the heart of her heritage and also enjoys making fine dining desserts, fusing British, French and Indian influences.

Her favourite chef is Heston Blumenthal as she loves his attitude and scientific approach to food, creating dishes that taste amazing but are visually exceptional and fun.

Moonira commented: “I thoroughly enjoyed my journey on MasterChef and now want to continue cooking with a pop up restaurant. I still run my own Pharmacies in Blackburn and I am also starting to teach people how to cook.”

Moonira lives with her husband and two children. She also enjoys swimming, reading and arts and crafts with the children when she is not cooking or working.